Half of Americans don’t think they have the right level of insurance.

And worse yet, they don’t really care.

That’s the finding of a survey from PolicyGenius, who polled more than 1,000 consumers.

It found that 50 percent don’t think they have the insurance they think they should have, while an additional 7 percent said they have no idea what kind of coverage they have.

The main reason for this appears to be the negative perceptions of health insurance. Almost half (48 percent) of respondents who felt they had less insurance than they needed reported that their last experience dealing with insurance was a negative one.

“There’s a very serious gap in insurance understanding, protection and access in the US, which additional studies have shown lead to financial hardships including bankruptcy,” said Jennifer Fitzgerald, PolicyGenius co-founder and CEO.

Specifically, the survey also found:

  • Women are less comfortable than men about their protection against financial risks, with 41 percent saying they’re “not too confident.” Meanwhile, 61 percent of men said they’re “pretty confident.”
  • Most respondents take an online, DIY approach to getting their insurance questions answered and associate a negative shopping experience to feeling underinsured.
  • 59 percent said they conduct online research as their first step when shopping for insurance.
  • 25-34-year-olds are the least confident in their insurance decisions (54 percent reported either too much or not enough insurance) and turn to online sources the most.