If you have an online business it is essential that you put a marketing plan in place. It doesn’t have to be super extensive, a simple plan with your goals and action steps written down will do.  Again, your plan should be written down so that you can determine what’s working and what’s not, and track your overall marketing progress.

Following are simple strategies to help startup entrepreneurs kick-start their online marketing campaign:

  • Provide trial versions of your product. Consumers are wary of trying out a new product or business especially if they have to pay for the item or service up front. To win hesitant customers over, you can provide them with a trial product or a trial period for a software or a service.  A 60-day trial period works well.If potential customers are satisfied with your trial products, they’ll happily upgrade and purchase the paid version.
  • Always be social. A business without social media presence is losing a huge sales opportunity. If you’re a smart entrepreneur, you’ll tap into every opportunity available to you like social media. And it doesn’t have to be a headache.  If you don’t have enough resources yet – time,  money, people – you can just start your campaign on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once you’re able to establish and get traction you can eventually tap into other social media networking sites.
  • Mix your content marketing materials. Although blog posts can relatively increase your audience engagement, you don’t have to settle to writing articles alone. Offer your readers different content materials like podcasts, webcasts and videos.Not every one of your audience enjoys reading – some of them may be visual learners who may enjoy watching your video tutorial than reading a blog with step-by-step instructions on how to do something.  That said, make sure that you consider this when planning your content marketing strategy.
  • Emphasize your USP (Unique Selling Position). A USP is a feature or functionality of a product that  sets it apart from the competition. Once you’re able to identify your USP, highlight it in all of your marketing materials – your homepage, sales pages, social media or on any marketing images or videos you create.Some examples of USPs that should be emphasized:-Pay-for-results only

    -60 days money-back guarantee

Over to you..

If you have any more tips or ideas to add, please do not hesitate to share them with us through the comments section below.