I like looking at the National Enquire, Cosmopolitan and other magazines when I’m in the grocery store aisles.

I look at the headlines on the covers and the advertisements in the magazines. These are goldmines for agents to get ideas from. The goal of the headlines on the covers are to get you to pick up the magazine and flip through to the article. Your advertisements should do something like that as well.

This past weekend I was looking though the local newspaper. I saw so many ads that were just flat out boring! They didn’t grab my attention, they talked about themselves and they all looked the same.

I saw one good ad, the rest were just a waste of money. I knew I had to try and do something about it, so…

I went to my office Saturday afternoon to write out a guide on how to create profit producing advertisements. I was sick of seeing these Realtors (a lot of small business owners as well) continue to waste money and had to create a guide, now I am turning that guide into a blog post.

How to Write Profit Pulling Advertisements

Step 1 – Benefit Driven Headline

This is the most important part of your advertisement. We’re exposed to over 3,000 ads per day (Newspaper Association of America) and you MUST cut through the clutter. A powerful headline will do just that.

The most effective way to do that is to put the biggest benefit you provide in your headline. Solve your prospect’s biggest challenge in the headline.

A lot of agents use their name or business name as the headline. This is boring and throwing money away. Don’t do this!

Here are a few examples of good and bad headlines;

Bad Examples:

[Realtor’s Name] Selling Homes for xx Years

[Realtor’s Name] Serving [CITY NAME] for XX Years

Good Examples:

Sell Your Home Faster, for More Money & with the BEST Possible Terms

We Guarantee Our Results Your Home SOLD, At Your Price Guaranteed!

Do you see the difference? A powerful headline can increase your incoming calls from your ad by 1,000%. Do not skimp on this step.

Step 2 – Benefit Driven

Use bullet points to list the benefits you offer. This is effective as most people “skim” ads when reading. It is important to grab their attention (with the headline), and the bullet points make it quick to read. It should also move them down the ad, exactly what you want.

The benefits are what get people to buy. When people are reading your ads, they are thinking – What’s In It For Me? Answer that question in your bullet points.

Step 3 – Social Proof

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a beautiful mansion or a single room house with no roof, people believe testimonials and for this reason, you must use them. Having testimonial (s) on your ad will improve your response rate. If you have the space to have their image, do so. You must have permission from your client to use their testimonial in your ads.

Step 4 – Guarantee

I have a question for you….

Do you believe in the service you offer?

How strongly? Enough to offer a guarantee?

I offer all my clients a 200% ROI Guarantee on my services.

Why would I do that?

Well, I believe in what I offer and know I can DOUBLE their investment. It also instills confidence in my prospects, it puts them at ease. They think “How can I lose?”

Hint: They can’t 🙂

Make your guarantee strong. You’ll gain FAR more clients with a strong guarantee, than you risk, by offering this.

Bonus Tip: In the book Cashvertising, author Drew Eric Whitman states;

Offer the longest, strongest guarantee in your industry. (Your competition will hate you for this). Such a guarantee conveys your confidence in what you sell, which in turn gives prospects the confidence to give you their money. As a bonus, it causes your prospects to question your competitors’ weak – or absent – guarantee.

Use a guarantee in ALL your advertising/marketing, and your profits will soar.

Step 5 – Call to Action

You must tell your prospect what you want them to do. This is a problem on a lot of websites as well. Having calls to action will increase profits when you use them.

Here are some examples;

  • Call Today!
  • Schedule Your Tour Today!
  • Browse the MLS Listings
  • View Current Homes for Sale

Obviously, some of those are suited for online. The call to action should be the ultimate goal of your ad. What do you want the ad to accomplish? What do you want your prospect to do? Call, schedule a tour, browse the current listings, view current homes, etc. Typically, this is near the bottom of your ad.

Step 6 – Scarcity/Deadline

This one is a bit different for Realtors, but still can be applied.

In the majority of cases, if you do not have a deadline, your prospect is not “missing out” on anything. Some say this is the most important part of the ad.

Without a deadline, your ad is incomplete. You want them in the mindframe, “If I don’t act/call now, I am going to miss out on this great deal”. The rest of your ad will sell the deal, now they’ll want to act NOW.

Some examples;

  • Call by [INSERT DATE]
  • Only Accepting X Clients this Month

Here is an idea of how you could lay out your next ad. The boxes can be moved around, I just wanted to give you a general idea.

Realtors: How to Create Profit Pulling Advertisements in 6 Shockingly Simple Steps image newspaper ad example


If you implement these steps in your ads (newspapers, classifieds, fliers, website, magazines, etc) you will see an increase in qualified leads. If your ad is set up properly, it will do most of the convincing for you.

Bonus Tip: When creating any type of ad, I highly recommend using a call tracking service. This will allow you to measure which ads are effective and which ones are not. I have used a few services over the years, but I prefer Kall8.

Numbers start at $2/mo.


You cannot improve what you don’t measure

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