There’s a reason the note-taking app Evernote now has over one hundred million users. Evernote has become a must-have productivity tool for anyone looking to bring order to their thoughts and work. Its wide range of features have made it an especially invaluable tool for small business owners. Here are 21 ways Evernote can make your life considerably easier:

1. Your Information Can Be Accessed Anywhere, Anytime

As long as you have a cell phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet – and Evernote installed on them – you can access anything you’ve saved – anytime, anywhere. Being able to access your vital information wherever you are is a great feature for any small business owner and is definitely something you can’t do with a regular filing cabinet

2. Its Powerful Search Tools Make Finding Things Easy

Imagine if all of your files, folders, cabinets, rolodexes, notebooks and more could be searched with a few key strokes. Anything you put into Evernote can be found (it’s like a super-powered Ctrl + F). It can even search handwritten text you’ve taken pictures of.

3. It Helps You Remember the Little (but Important) Things

Who hasn’t forgotten their locker combination, the address or room number of a meeting or the access code for their voicemail at work? If you put that info into Evernote, you’ll be able to access it easily when you need it without ever again having to scour your email or call your assistant in a panic.

4. Record Meetings

You could give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome trying to capture everything said in a team or client meeting, or you could use Evernote’s audio recording option to just tape it all.  You won’t have to worry anymore about trying to remember that thing that person said that was really great.

5. Manage Your Business Cards Better

Business cards can be tricky to keep track of, but Evernote lets you create a virtual rolodex by taking a picture of any business card. It then inputs and sorts the info automatically, and will even pull more details from a person’s LinkedIn profile if you’ve given Evernote access to your LinkedIn information.

6. Keep Track of Travel Expenses

If you want to stop frantically searching your briefcase or your pants pockets for that receipt you need from your recent business trip, just use your smartphone or tablet  to take a snapshot of your receipts and file them in an Evernote notebook dedicated to that business trip. That way, you can keep all of the details related to that trip in one place.

7. Save Online Articles

Ever come across a great business article online but you don’t have the time to fully read it at that moment? Evernote’s Web Clipper lets you save any article into a notebook of your choosing. This is also a great tool for gathering research material in one convenient spot.

8. Create an Inspirational Quote Notebook

It’s important to keep yourself inspired as a small business owner. With Evernote, you can create a go-to source for inspiration by snatching meaningful quotes from online articles or ebooks and saving them into Evernote, building a source of inspiration to motivate yourself when you need it most.

9. Create Voice Memos of Your Great Ideas

We’ve all had that moment when we’re incapable of writing something down, and suddenly we have a brilliant idea. With Evernote you can record a quick memo and you’re set. (This won’t work if you’re someone who gets great ideas in the shower though. Sorry.)

10. Preserve Whiteboards and Slides

Ever wish you had a permanent record of the white board scribblings you and your team created in a meeting, or the awesome slides you saw in a conference seminar? Take a picture of them with your smartphone or table and save them in Evernote for future reference.

11. Have Your Great Ideas Nudge You

If you’re worried that a note with a brilliant idea on it might get buried or forgotten, Evernote will let you set an alarm that’ll remind you that it’s there.

12. Create Better Client Relationships

One great tip from Joshua Zerkel, author of the book “Evernote at Work,” is if your company works closely with clients, create a notebook you can share with them. Give them access to the ideas you’re working on for them, meeting notes and more. This will help enhance your collaboration and relationship in the process.

13. Digitize Your Handwritten Notes

If you’re a pen and paper person, don’t despair. Evernote has options for you too. They’ve teamed up with Moleskine and Post-it to create notebooks and stickies you can write on and take a picture of so your scribblings will be deposited in a searchable notebook of your choice (unless your writing is really terrible chicken scratch).

14. Create Presentations

Want to use Evernote to prepare notes for a presentation, but think it’ll be a pain to have to transfer those thoughts to PowerPoint? Evernote actually has a Presentation Mode so you can build and present from the app itself.

15. Create a Visual To-Do List

Create a visual to-do list by taking pictures of what you want to get done. Why is that different from any other to-do list? You’ll be surprised by how much more motivating a visual reminder is compared to a text-based one.

16. Create a Table of Contents

Ever wish all of your thoughts and notes could be organized in a Table of Contents? Evernote lets you do that. All you have to do is figure out a theme or order to put your notes in, and then you can save them in that order. So, for example, if you have a meeting with a two-part agenda – say, “New Business” and “Ongoing Business” –  you can group all of the notes you made during the meeting around each part of the agenda and assign them a spot in a Table of Contents for easy checking later.

17. Make Signing Documents Easier

One of Evernote’s big appeals is that it can help you support a paperless lifestyle.. One way it can do that is with its add-on, Skitch, which lets you annotate documents. That’s invaluable for those of us who hate printing out documents, signing them, scanning them and then emailing them. You do have to download Skitch in addition to Evernote, but once you do, you can use it to mark up whatever images, PDFs and more that you load into it.

18. Keep Your Important Company Information Handy

Create a note with all of your vital company information, like your insurance policy numbers. That way, when you need it, you can quickly find it.

19. Build Better Newsletters

One great tip from Evernote power user Kasey Cronquist, CEO of California Cut Flowers Commission, is to build weekly newsletter by gathering articles and ideas in Evernote throughout the week, and then go through them at the end of the week to put the material for the newsletter together.

20. Travel Info

A business trip comes with a lot of information: flight details, hotel reservations, itineraries, addresses and more. Usually, you have to hop through no end of emails to find the info you need at any given time. Make your life easier. Just create a note with all your travel info and it’ll always be there for easy reference.

21. Build Better Team Culture

With Evernote for Business you can message and collaborate online with your team. That’s a particularly important feature for small business owners who have work from home programs. Having a central database of information, and the ability to chat about them, is a great thing.

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