5 Tips on How to Do More Without Hiring Someone New

Alexander Huls

Your small business is a success. Work is coming in nice and steady. You’re at the point where you could hire someone. But there’s a good chance that if you’re like the many people who answered the recent Small Business Success Survey, you don’t think you have the money to hire someone, or you just feel like you can take on extra work yourself.

In either case, chances are you’re doing more, which, naturally, comes with risks like burnout. So, how do you get more done without falling apart?  Here are a few tips to help you do more without having to hire someone.

1. Get Assistance, Part 1: Hire Freelancers

Just because you can’t or don’t want to hire, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get backup to help you do the additional work success can bring. Burning out is not a wise business (or life) strategy. This is where freelancers come in handy. You can use them for everything from one-off tasks to ongoing ones. They go a long way to help alleviate some of the pressure of your day-to-day. Sites like Upwork are great for giving you access to freelancers offering a vast variety of services at reasonable rates you can feel comfortable with. You control how much you pay, for how much help you need. Sometimes the best way to get more done, is to get someone else to do it.

2. Get Assistance, Part 2: Delegate

What if you already have an employee or two and are just hesitant to hire yet another person? In that case, you already have resources to help. Don’t be afraid to use them. That doesn’t mean you should make your employees work two jobs in one; that can lead to exhaustion, disgruntlement and mistakes. But, chances are your employees would be more than willing to take on an extra task or two to contribute towards the further success of their company.

The result? You have a bit more time to get more done.

3. Reconsider Your Work Habits and Processes

We all do our day-to-day business in a certain way. Many times it’s methods, habits, and processes that we picked up when we first started our small business and, well, they just kind of became routine. The truth is some of those routines can become outdated or inefficient as your business gets bigger. That’s why if you periodically consider how you work now, you will often find habits that are no longer the most efficient way of doing things. Get rid of those methods and find better ones. You’ll find you become much more efficient and can frequently shave valuable time off certain tasks.

4. Cut Down Procrastination

Time is your small business’ most valuable commodity. And while it can be hard to admit, sometimes we can be the biggest wasters of it. Who hasn’t procrastinated? Who hasn’t found themselves stuck on YouTube for an hour or checking their Twitter feed every five minutes? That’s wasted time you need to take back in order to do more. How do you reclaim those minutes? There’s actually programs like RescueTime that are great for this. It’s a tool you install on your computer that tracks how much time you spend on what programs, websites and social media. It provides invaluable information about where you’re spending your time, and where you can take some back to help you do more, with greater focus.

5. Use Productivity Tools

We live in a Golden Age of productivity tools that can help us accomplish more. Almost every aspect of our business can be streamlined with a program, service, or app.

  • Need to take better notes? Get Evernote.
  • Need a more efficient To Do List? Get Any.do.
  • Want to simplify how you invoice? Sign up for FreshBooks.

Now, there’s so much out there, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of choices. Thankfully, there is no end of articles to guide your decision on what productivity tools are best for you. Take advantage of them. Make use of some of the wonderful technologies we have these days to help streamline our work and get more done, more efficiently.


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