3 Ways to Screw Up a Business Presentation

Gene Marks
You want to really screw up a presentation? No worries, I can help. That’s because I’ve screwed up plenty. It doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking to a small group of executives, a prospective customer or a large... Continue

3 Reasons Why You Stink At Networking

Gene Marks
I am frequently asked to give advice about networking.  And if you’re taking advice from me on this, then you’re probably going to the wrong place. That’s because I totally stink at networking.  And admit it: you do too,... Continue

6 Responses to a Crisis that You Should Avoid

Alexander Huls
Crises are inevitable for any small business. There’s going to come a time where something will go wrong – whether because of you, an employee , or something completely out of your control. How you deal with that crisis can have a... Continue

Making the Move to Mobile

A statistician is not required to tell us that we’re becoming more dependent on mobile devices. All you have to do is look around. Our devices have become like attire. We’re all wearing them – and using them – all the... Continue