Business Management

6 Best Cities to Start a Home-Based Business

Julie Bawden-Davis
Planning to start a business at home sweet home? If so, it’s good to note that where you live has a direct effect on just how sweet your home-based business experience is. Factors such as median home price, cost of energy, homeowner’s... Continue

The 5 Best Places to Start a Tech Company

Alexander Huls
“Location, location, location,” is a popular expression for a reason. Where you decide to base your company can have a major impact on your business, especially if you’re starting a tech company. That’s why we put our... Continue

5 Ways to Improve Your To-Do Lists

Alexander Huls
To-Do lists should be an invaluable part of any small business person’s day-to-day. They don’t just help you get things down, they help keep you motivated and on track. Now, they seem pretty self-explanatory, right? Write down a task.... Continue

Can Interns Help Your Business Succeed?

Linda Childers
Each summer, Jennifer Adams Bunkers, founder and CEO of TruKids, a company that sells natural and organic body care products for children, hires three to five high school and college students to work at her company. Bunkers, who launched... Continue