The 5 Best Places to Start a Tech Company

Alexander Huls

“Location, location, location,” is a popular expression for a reason. Where you decide to base your company can have a major impact on your business, especially if you’re starting a tech company. That’s why we put our research hats on to find five cities that seem like great spots for you begin your quest to rule the tech world.

1. Austin, Texas

South by Southwest is hosted here for a reason. Austin is a hip and entrepreneur-friendly spot for small tech businesses to thrive. It’s ranked “third with respect to high-growth industries and business in the computer software and services industry,” in good part because of its young talent and culture that is dedicated to pushing innovation forward.

Austin isn’t just invested in pushing forward new ideas. It also cares a great deal about encouraging small business to succeed. As Venture Beat has pointed out , “Austin has arranged an ecosystem that welcomes early-stage companies in particular.” You may also enjoy this: Texas doesn’t have individual or corporate income tax.

2. Portland, Oregon

You probably have hipster stereotypes running through your head right now, but put that aside. Portland is undeniably a promising tech town (they’ve even made a video about it). It’s not just that it’s a hot, up-and-coming spot in the tech world that should make it a draw for your small business. It’s the city’s strong, supportive community, which hosts events like Startup Week to help young businesses succeed.

3. Denver, Colorado

Colorado has been a booming place for tech startups and small businesses, with a recent report listing several worthwhile spots in the state. Denver in particular is a city blessed with lots of small business in “high-growth industries” and is extremely supportive of entrepreneurship. For example, as CNN Money noted, the city opened “a new center for entrepreneurship and technology” that’s aimed at providing local companies with advice about all aspects of running a small tech business. Plus, you still get the perks of the nearby town of Boulder, also a major start up spot.

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Atlantic recently declared that Pittsburgh has “one of the liveliest technology ecosystems in the country.” It’s emerged as a city extremely supportive of new tech business ventures and a healthy job pool. There’s not just Carnegie Mellon University providing talent, but according to a recent report, there are about 177,000 tech-related people working in Pittsburgh, with more to come. Put it this way: if both Google and Apple are expanding in the city, it’s a safe bet.

5. Seattle, Washington

The home of Microsoft and Amazon is a very, very good place to start a business. Why? As the Wall Street Journal noted, “Seattle’s tech economy seems to have a trickle-down effect. The mega-companies in the region have laid a groundwork, allowing the city to develop into an attractive place for businesses to innovate.” Big companies mean it’s not just a healthy place for mentoring small businesses like yours (and who doesn’t want the insights of a Microsoft big honcho?) It is also one ripe with potential buyout opportunities for those looking to sell their successful start-ups.

Which is something you should keep in mind, because we have no doubt your business is going to succeed.


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