Want to Be More Productive? 7 Things to Do Now and Why

Sarita Harbour

Are you as productive as you could be? Most small business owners agree – there just isn’t enough time to get it all done. While we can’t give you more hours in a day, use these tips to make the hours you have more productive and get more done.

1. Schedule Everything, Even Sleep

Always work from a schedule so you know exactly what you should be doing and when. This way you don’t waste precious time wondering what to do next, or get distracted wondering if you should be doing something else.

2. Automate To Save Time on Repetitive Tasks

Some necessary tasks in life must get done regularly, though they don’t improve productivity. Use a planning tool to schedule these activities far into the future. This cuts down completion time for these non-productive tasks, giving you “extra” time to work on activities that could help you produce more.

3. Skip Unnecessary Activities to Simplify Your Life

Stop spending time on tasks and activities that impede your efficiency and effectiveness. Like automating tasks, skipping them frees up time for more productive behavior.

4. Delegate Some Tasks To Focus on Those YOU Must Do

Some activities can’t be automated or skipped, but they could get completed by someone else. Delegate them to an employee (or at home, another family member). This gives you time to focus on productive tasks only you can do.

5. Batch Tasks to Boost Efficiency

If you have a busy family and a business, try batching to boost productivity. Statistics and reports like this Wharton productivity study show that completing similar tasks requiring similar resources in “batches” improves productivity. You’re more efficient when focusing on just one repeated task for a few hours, rather than dealing with multiple distracting activities and ideas.

6. Scale Up Activities to Save Time Through Replication

Scalability refers to carrying out a task once, then replicating as much of it as possible for future repeated use. Scaling up activities may improve the productivity of administrative responsibilities, production operations, and even the services provided to your customers. Invoice and email templates, plus digital or print forms are examples of scalability in a small business.

7. Use Apps Across Devices to Keep Organized

Apps provide more than entertaining games, videos, and music. Some apps actually help improve efficiency and productivity in our personal and business lives. Look for a free app that syncs across your devices to manage to-do lists, schedule appointments, and coordinate large projects.

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