How to Hire The Right Employee to Grow Your Small Tech Biz

Alexander Huls

Hiring the right employee to grow your small business is always important, but it’s especially key in the constantly changing small tech industry. That’s because you need to not only prepare for your current growth plans, but future ones too. You have to find an employee who is future-ready and eager to stay up-to-date with the shifts in your industry. Here are five tips to help you hire the kind of employee who will help your small tech business grow into the future.

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1. Invite a Tech Pro to Interview a Candidate With You

To find the right hire, you need to make sure a candidate really does know the small tech business. You don’t want to hire a resume embellisher. If you’re not technically inclined (or even if you are), a good way to filter out the pros from the posers is to include your top tech guru in the interview process. They’ll know exactly what to ask. If you don’t have a tech guru, use your network to find one to help you. Either way, you want someone on hand to ask the right questions that will get you the right employee.

2. Test Their Knowledge

Because a lot of small tech is driven by ability, you don’t want to test their theoretical knowledge alone (as you would above). You want to test hands-on knowledge too.  Can your potential new employee actually do what they say they can – whether it involves hardware, software, coding, or design? Devise a simple assignment or test to find out. Now, don’t overdo it. Too much heavy testing can scare good candidates away. But you do want to look out for yourself, and make sure a new hire’s skills and knowledge are all there so they can hit the ground running when you do hire them.

3. Make Sure They’re Constant Learners

Because the tech world is constantly evolving, your small business needs someone who is always evolving too. They should be passionate about learning the next big thing, because that will keep your business growing and up-to-date. How do you check for that? You can look at their social media feeds to see how often they’re engaged with the latest industry news. Or, during an interview, ask them where they think a technology that impacts your business is headed. Do what you have to in order to make sure your hire is someone who will voluntarily keep pace with the ever-changing tech world in a way that will help your business remain current. 

4. Ensure They’re a Good Company Culture Fit

Knowledge and abilities aren’t everything. You also want your new hire to be a good culture fit who adjusts seamlessly to your company’s values and team dynamics. A good way to do that is to just talk to them without any mention of their resume or the job. Just get to know them.

  • What’s their favorite food?
  • What are they passionate about beyond their career?
  • What Seinfeld character are they?

Find a way to get a sense of who they are, not just as employees, but as people. You’ll land a better hire as a result.

5. Offer a Career, Not a Job

Hiring the right employee isn’t just about candidates proving themselves to you. It’s also about what you offer to draw the perfect employee to grow your business. Because talented tech workers are often ambitious and passionate, one key thing to do is offer a career, not just a job. Promise them challenges, career advancement, and the possibility of both personal and corporate growth. Offering a home where employees can grow with the company, and make their mark on it will go a long way towards attracting the right kind of employee; one who will make a long-term difference for your company.


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