Managing Employees

The 5 Most Disastrously Awkward Office Emails Ever

Nate Hindman
There’s nothing quite like the dread you feel after realizing you’ve sent a questionable email at work. Maybe you notice that the target of your email’s scorn was still CC’d, or maybe you’re a victim of the ever-dangerous... Continue

When Employee Trips Turn Into Nightmares

Kelly Spors
Incentive trips, conferences and other types of employee travel are common ways for employers to train, reward and motivate their best employees and managers. But off-site work events can also be a legal land mine. From injuries to... Continue

5 of the Worst Company Party Incidents

Kelly Spors
Everyone loves a good party. But holiday gatherings, company picnics and other employee social gatherings aren’t always fun and games. In fact, they can be uncomfortable, socially awkward gatherings used to judge your ability to maintain... Continue

Millennials Mean Business for Your Small Business

Kathy Simpson
The “Gen Y” Millennial generation will soon dominate the workforce – with much to offer the future of your small business. The Millennials are here. With their oldest members turning 30, they’re entering the workplace by storm.... Continue

7 Office Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

Nate Hindman
Office pranks are all fun and games until someone loses a ... lawsuit. Whether it's a hit to a brand's image, legal action by an unamused employee, or a breakdown in worker relations, an office prank that bombs can cost a company big. So... Continue

The Five Sickest ‘Sick Day’ Excuses

Nate Hindman
Ah, the Sick Day. A siren song calling you back to bed, out to a sunny beach with friends or to any one of a number of magical places that aren’t the doctor’s office. But what happens when an employee’s excuse to miss work crosses... Continue

Top 10 Employee Dress Code Violations

Kelly Spors
Some people take “business casual” to a whole new level. But as companies have relaxed their dress codes and gone “business casual,” employees have stretched the limits—a lot.  Some people take “business casual” to a... Continue