Managing Employees

Top 10 Employee Dress Code Violations

Kelly Spors
Some people take “business casual” to a whole new level. But as companies have relaxed their dress codes and gone “business casual,” employees have stretched the limits—a lot.  Some people take “business casual” to a... Continue

How Much Should You Pay Your Employees?

Alexander Huls
All your hard work has paid off. Your small business is a success. You’re in the black. You’re email inbox is full and your phone is ringing. You’ve got so much work that you’re now ready to hire your first employee. While some... Continue

What to Do With Employees Calling in Sick Too Often

Nate Hindman
Employees say the darndest things when they call in sick. "A bear is in my yard and I’m afraid to leave my house” and “I’m not sure how the solar eclipse is going to affect me, so it may be safer to stay home” were among the... Continue