Understanding what’s covered by general liability and professional liability can be confusing. This animated video can help explain the differences.

General Liability Insurance vs. Professional Liability Insurance

So, what’s the difference between general and professional liability insurance? Well, if someone trips and falls at your office, it’s general liability insurance that helps protect your business. But what if custom programming services provided to a client caused that client to suffer financial damages? General liability insurance doesn’t cover that. Or, what if you lose or corrupt a customer’s data? General liability insurance won’t cover that either.

Professional Liability Insurance

The Hartford’s professionally liability coverage helps protect businesses from potential loss situations that general liability doesn’t. Imagine this: an IT company’s top client stops making payments and walks away from the contract in place, when the IT company attempts to collect the money owed, the client counter sues with allegations of negligence and failure to perform. With The Hartford’s professional liability coverage, the IT company is protected. We will investigate the client and defend the suit. Protection that general liability just doesn’t provide.

Understand the Difference: General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance

Understanding the difference between professional liability and general liability is important, but even more critical, is making sure your business is properly protected on both fronts. For most businesses, it may also be a good idea to work with a single carrier for general and professional coverage. Why? With one carrier, businesses are less likely to risk unintended gaps in coverage due to differences in policy forms and language, plus, businesses avoid possible coverage disputes between different carriers if there is question as to where the coverage lies for a claim.

Why The Hartford for Business Liability Insurance?

Over 25 years of experience protecting technology businesses, The Hartford is a smart choice for any business. Our nationwide staff of experienced underwriters, claim specialists and loss prevention experts specialize in the unique risks that technology businesses face.


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