Business Management

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider Using Website Builders

Small Biz Silver Lining

Having a website is more important now than ever, especially for small businesses. As the world becomes more global and small businesses have been forced to find creative ways to sell and deliver their products and services online, it is catalyzing a digital economy. It's especially true... Continue


Business Expense Deductions That Can Lower Your Tax Bill

Joyce M Rosenberg

It costs money to make money, and much of what business owners spend on their companies — their business expenses — can be deducted from their gross income to reduce their taxes. The list of deductible business expenses includes obvious ones like office rent, salaries and computers,... Continue

Managing Employees

Why You Need HR for a Small Business

Dahna M. Chandler

Like most small business owners, you're used to handling all business activities yourself. This includes all HR tasks. In fact, 54% of small businesses handle HR in house. But owners usually give HR work to staff with little practice managing employees.... Continue

Managing Risk

Every day, small business owners confront more than their fair share of challenges. Cybersecurity is no exception. Small business owners must keep their companies secure online, from analyzing their risk to finding the right tools to mitigate it. You understand the need to protect your... Continue


There's more to branding than choosing a logo and a color palette. Proper branding distinguishes you from your competitors and provides a reason for your customers to buy from you. It's the first thing that comes to mind when people think of you. It tells the world about you and why... Continue