Business Questions

How Do You Write a Business Letter?

Kelly Spors
Time is money when it comes to running a business. So when you sit down to write a business letter, it is crucial that you get to the point as quickly as possible and make your case in a concise and professional... Continue

How to Deal with “The Angry Employee”

Felicia Sullivan
You may have encountered "The Angry Employee" spouting barbs and insults from their cubicle back when you were at your 9 to 5. You know the type. They kicked the table during meetings, slammed down the phone after a misunderstanding with a... Continue

How to Fire a Horrible Client (with Sample Scripts)

Felicia Sullivan
When you first started your small business, you were probably overjoyed when you landed your first customer. You were grateful for the work, and their belief in you validated the reason you became your own boss. Then you got your first... Continue

Do I Need Liability Insurance for My Business?

Michael Kelly
Many small business owners wonder, “Do I need liability insurance for my business?” The quick answer is that you probably do. A more thoughtful answer is that it depends on what type of business you run and the agreements you set with... Continue