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What Are the Assets on a Balance Sheet?

Elizabeth Macauley
Your small business's assets are a key indicator of its value to both you and investors. Not sure where your small business stands? Break out your balance sheet. Here, you'll be able to compare your assets to your liabilities to assess... Continue

Learn From Your Accounts Receivable Formula

Elizabeth Macauley
When analyzing your small business's performance, the accounts receivable turnover ratio is an important metric to know. This ratio evaluates how effectively you are collecting your receivables when customers buy on credit. Specifically,... Continue

Balance Sheet Accounts

Elizabeth Macauley
You know your small business like the back of your hand. You've dedicated hours to its layout and organization, but do you feel the same about your balance sheet? A recent survey found that 40% of small business owners spent at least 80... Continue

Accounts Receivable and Accounting

Elizabeth Macauley
Your small business can't operate efficiently if you don't have your accounting practices down pat. This means that if you're feeling a little shaky on your accounts receivable accounting, you may want to give it another look. That being... Continue

What Is the Accounts Receivable Process?

Elizabeth Macauley
You started your small business to make a profit. Now that you have, you may want to expand your operation even more. In 2017, 40% of small businesses said that improving customer experience and retention was their top strategy for... Continue

Is Accounts Receivable an Asset?

Elizabeth Macauley
Assets can come in many forms. One in particular worth considering is accounts receivable. Your accounts receivable represent money owed to your small business from customers who have bought products or services on credit. While offering... Continue