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How Does a Balance Sheet Balance?

Elizabeth Macauley
Balancing your small business's balance sheet doesn't have to be difficult. By making sure your assets equal your liabilities plus your shareholders' (also called, owners') equity you will avoid having difficulty paying your operating... Continue

Balance Sheet vs. Income Statement

Elizabeth Macauley
Your small business may be chugging along just fine, but is it really growing? A 2017 survey found that 59% of businesses sought out credit options for expanding their business or pursuing a new opportunity. If you're one of these... Continue

What Is Balance Sheet Analysis?

Elizabeth Macauley
You may have your small business's balance sheet, but do you analyze it regularly? If not, you should. Balance sheet analysis can give you insights into your small business's assets, use of capital, risk of bankruptcy, and ability to grow... Continue

What is Accounts Receivable?

Elizabeth Macauley
What is Accounts Receivable and Why Does it Matter to Your Business So, what is accounts receivable, and why does it matter to your small business? Accounts receivable is the balance of owed money when a business sells goods or services to... Continue