Schedule C: What Is It, and Who Has to File?

Belle Wong
Self-employment comes with many perks. But when tax time comes around, it also means you'll be filing more than just Form 1040. Chances are, you'll also need to file Schedule C. The Schedule C form might seem daunting at first. But while... Continue

What Is the Last Day to File Taxes in 2022?

Elizabeth Macauley
The 2022 tax season is here. On January 24, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began accepting individual tax returns. However, if you're wondering what the last day to file taxes in 2022 is, the answer for most Americans is April... Continue

6 Great Financing Moves Plus 3 Moves to Avoid

Gene Marks
The good news is that 2021's financing environment is strong. Capital is readily available, and the economy is doing pretty well. Interest rates also remain at historic lows, even though it's likely they'll rise in the coming years. This... Continue

Smart Tax Moves To Make Right Now

Gene Marks
We're more than mid-way through 2021, and my smartest clients are using this time to strategize how to limit their tax bill and turn those savings into cash for the year. Because hey, it's only like 20-30% of your income, right? So what... Continue