The One Technology You Don’t Need In Your Office

Gene Marks
There are three types of people I just don’t understand: skydivers, long-distance runners and small business owners who do their own payroll. Jumping out of a plane for the thrill of it just seems silly. There plenty of ways to get... Continue

5 Best Credit Cards for Small Business Owners

Julie Bawden-Davis
In addition to making you appear professional, small business credit cards come with a variety of benefits. Carefully choose your card, and you can enjoy rewards like cash back, travel mileage and  0% introductory interest rates.... Continue

5 Best States for Small Business Taxes

Julie Bawden-Davis and Ben Gran
You can't escape taxes when running a small business, but depending on where you are located, you can minimize your taxable income. Small business tax requirements vary greatly from state to state, which means where you choose to set up... Continue

Should I Use Personal Resources to Fund My Business?

Alexander Huls & Kelly Spors
More and more business owners are personally financing their businesses. For those looking to self-finance, we—with some backup from small biz experts Stephen Key and Emily Chase Smith—want to share some advantages and... Continue