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Is Mining Bitcoin Profitable?

Elizabeth Macauley
If you've ever wondered whether Bitcoin mining could be profitable for you, the short answer is "no." In the early days of cryptocurrency, smaller players could mine Bitcoins successfully; however, now it's big business, and the equipment... Continue

What Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies?

Elizabeth Macauley
Cryptocurrencies have not only changed the world's expectations surrounding money. They've also continued to evolve in their own space since the first Bitcoin block was mined back in 2009. Since then, thousands of unique cryptocurrencies... Continue

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Elizabeth Macauley
Cryptocurrency is a term that encompasses all digital, encrypted, and decentralized currencies. If you haven't heard of them yet—or don't know much about them—just know that millions of people are already using them online as we speak.... Continue

What Are the Assets on a Balance Sheet?

Elizabeth Macauley
Your small business's assets are a key indicator of its value to both you and investors. Not sure where your small business stands? Break out your balance sheet. Here, you'll be able to compare your assets to your liabilities to assess... Continue

Learn From Your Accounts Receivable Formula

Elizabeth Macauley
When analyzing your small business's performance, the accounts receivable turnover ratio is an important metric to know. This ratio evaluates how effectively you are collecting your receivables when customers buy on credit. Specifically,... Continue

Side Hustles for Single Moms

Elizabeth Macauley
Moms do it all. In fact, recent Pew Research Center reports found that U.S. moms spent, on average, 25 hours a week on paid work in 2016, compared to only nine hours in 1965. They also spent 14 hours a week on childcare, which was up from... Continue