6 Great Financing Moves Plus 3 Moves to Avoid

Gene Marks
The good news is that 2021's financing environment is strong. Capital is readily available, and the economy is doing pretty well. Interest rates also remain at historic lows, even though it's likely they'll rise in the coming years. This... Continue

Smart Tax Moves To Make Right Now

Gene Marks
We're more than mid-way through 2021, and my smartest clients are using this time to strategize how to limit their tax bill and turn those savings into cash for the year. Because hey, it's only like 20-30% of your income, right? So what... Continue

5 Secrets Hidden In Your Financial Statements

Gene Marks
Did you know that within your boring financial statements are five hidden secrets that could have a significant impact on your business? Some of my most successful clients have figured this out. By understanding these things, they're... Continue

The Best Crowdfunding Sites for Your Business

Dahna M. Chandler
Crowdfunding combines crowdsourcing and microfinancing. It does that by allowing individuals to invest small amounts in businesses that interest them. Sometimes, funders may outright donate money to your business. In others, they expect... Continue

10 Ways To Generate New Revenue For Your Business

Small Biz Silver Lining
We know that this last year has been incredibly intense for you as a business owner. Thank you for staying committed, being so resilient, and fighting so hard to keep your business going in the midst of such extreme circumstances. Thank... Continue