Business Questions

How to Protect Your Small Business’s Reputation

Allie Johnson
Reputation is everything in business, so it's easy to see why reputational harm poses a costly risk to small businesses. Reputational harm generally occurs when a business gets portrayed negatively in some way, from a bad online review to... Continue

How to Protect Your Business Income in 5 Steps

Stephen Robert Morse
As a small business owner, you probably work hard to keep your finances in check, but unexpected events can sabotage those efforts — and these events happen more often than you might think. An estimated 25 percent of businesses don't... Continue

3 Steps to Prepare For an Unplanned Weather Event

Kelly Spors
Whether due to natural disaster, fire, or another unforeseen event, businesses sometimes must suspend their operations temporarily—for days, weeks or possibly even months. A temporary closure of even a few days can be devastating to a... Continue

How to Grow Your Direct Sales Business From Home

Kelly Spors
From Mary Kay to Tupperware to Tastefully Simple to Stella & Dot, direct sales organizations (also called multilevel marketing companies) are a popular way for people to build a direct-sales business while working at home. But with... Continue