How to Deal With Employees Going Through a Crisis

Felicia Sullivan

In an ideal world, your employees are never sick, sad, or stressed. They report to work every morning, and are forever happy and smiling. However, we live in reality, where even your star talent will experience occasional periods of distress or crisis. Personal issues are sticky... Continue

Business Management

What Is the Strategic Planning Process?

Eric Vo

An effective strategic planning process involves having discussions with employees and outside vendors, as well as analyzing your small business and the industry. The outcome is a formal document—the strategic plan—that details your business's current status, its strengths... Continue


Accounts Receivable and Accounting

Elizabeth Macauley

Your small business can't operate efficiently if you don't have your accounting practices down pat. This means that if you're feeling a little shaky on your accounts receivable accounting, you may want to give it another look. That being said, if this is you, you're not... Continue

Managing Employees

Managing Risk