Business Management

Setting SMART Goals: The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

Felicia Sullivan

Let's talk about goals and your game plan, because it's time to move on from dreams and vision boards to actionable, tangible results. Whether you're a team of one, or the owner of a thriving small business, your success relies on setting and achieving your goals. Level up... Continue


Managing Employees

6 Steps to Recruiting and Retaining the Best Employees

Kelly Spors, Tim Beyers

A small business may seem at a disadvantage at first compared with larger companies when it comes to hiring employees. Big companies, after all, have significant resources, not to mention name recognition, to lure and keep the best talent. But small companies have the... Continue

Managing Risk


When you first started your small business, you were probably overjoyed when you landed your first customer. You were grateful for the work, and their belief in you validated the reason you became your own boss. Then you got your first bad client... Continue