Business Management

15 Business Tips That You Need to Know

Mike Kelly

Many small business owners are happy to share their business tips with other entrepreneurs. Check out our 15 top business tips from small business owners, which can help you run and grow your business effectively. Business Tip 1: Build a Support Network For Laura Kelly,... Continue


What Are the Different Types of Cash Flows?

Kelly Spors

Cash flow is the money that streams in and out of your small business—and it's a key indicator of your company's overall financial health. The term cash flow is used to describe the amount of cash that is generated or spent within a certain time frame. Positive cash flow... Continue

Managing Employees

How to Deal With Difficult Employees

Mike Kelly

As much as you might want to gripe about your difficult employees holding your business back, their performance is largely based on your management. Learn how to deal with difficult employees because it's your responsibility to do everything possible to increase an employee's... Continue

Managing Risk