14 Things I’ve Learned About Working at Home

Gene Marks

This year will be the 14th year that I've officially been working from home. In fact, not only have I been working from home, but also I've been running a business from home all this time. A real business: with employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, and all the other headaches... Continue

Business Management

Three Business Communication Mistakes That Drive Me Crazy

Gene Marks

When you've been running a small business for more than two decades like I have, you've probably seen a lot of ways that business people communicate. After I first graduated college, it was still written business letters and landline phone calls. Now, of course, those choices... Continue


3 Reasons Why Your Balance Sheet May Not Be So Useful

Gene Marks

Look at any small business's financial statements and you'll find that it includes a balance sheet. A balance sheet is the place where you lay out your assets and liabilities in one document and see a snapshot of your small business's finances at a given point in time. But is... Continue

Managing Employees

Managing Risk