What’s the Best Returns Policy for Your Small Business?

Gene Marks

If you're a Costco customer, you can return most items you've purchased, so long as it's within a 90-day period. It's a generous policy. But sometimes it backfires. For example, some of their customers have been known to test the company's policy by returning Christmas trees in January, a... Continue

Business Management

What Is the Strategic Planning Process?

Eric Vo

An effective strategic planning process involves having discussions with employees and outside vendors, as well as analyzing your small business and the industry. The outcome is a formal document—the strategic plan—that details your business's current status, its strengths... Continue


Learn From Your Accounts Receivable Formula

Elizabeth Macauley

When analyzing your small business's performance, the accounts receivable turnover ratio is an important metric to know. This ratio evaluates how effectively you are collecting your receivables when customers buy on credit. Specifically, the accounts receivable turnover ratio... Continue

Managing Employees

Managing Risk