Business Management

How to Start a Real Estate Business

Belle Wong

Whether you're looking to make a career change or you have a lifelong passion for real estate, there are many reasons why you may be looking into opening a real estate company. And with real estate markets booming across the country, a real estate business is a great business to... Continue


5 Accounts Payables Tricks That Will Increase Your Cash Flow

Gene Marks

Having accounts payable means you owe money to someone. There's nothing wrong with that. But what is wrong is not handling your accounts payable in a manner that maximizes your cash flow. Improving supplier relationships, implementing processes and looking to the future will help you keep... Continue

Managing Employees

Why You Need HR for a Small Business

Dahna M. Chandler

Like most small business owners, you're used to handling all business activities yourself. This includes all HR tasks. In fact, 54% of small businesses handle HR in house. But owners usually give HR work to staff with little practice managing... Continue

Managing Risk


There's more to branding than choosing a logo and a color palette. Proper branding distinguishes you from your competitors and provides a reason for your customers to buy from you. It's the first thing that comes to mind when people think of you. It tells the world about you and why... Continue