Managing Risk

How to Avoid the Lawsuit That Could End Your Business

Kathy SImpson
Businesses are increasingly the targets of lawsuits, even when innocent of any wrongdoing. If you provide professional services or expert advice, your business may face a unique liability risk. Make sure you’re protected. Two and a half... Continue

How to Create a Safe (& Comfortable) Workplace

Kathy Simpson
When it comes to workplace injuries, we often think of dangerous occupations like construction. But even office workers are at risk. Cut your potential losses with ergonomics. The workplace can be a dangerous place. Employees can get hurt... Continue

10 Tips to Prevent Data Theft for Your Small Business

Kathy Simpson
All businesses face the risk of data breach, but recent studies indicate that small businesses are particularly susceptible. According to research done in 2019, 43% of online cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. Proving that small... Continue

Where to Turn When Severe Weather Hits

Kathy Simpson
If a severe weather event—such as a tornado, hurricane, flood or blizzard—damages or disrupts your business, time is money. You can’t afford to spend days or even hours getting your business back up and running. Business owners have... Continue

7-Step Guide to Taking Calculated Risks

Kathy Simpson
The economic downturn of 2008 and its aftermath – a difficult era for businesses of all sizes. Its effects are still fresh in the minds of many small business owners, causing them to hold back on financial decisions they fear they might... Continue