5 Great Places to Find Your Next Millennial Employee

Gene Marks

The U.S. economy may not be the greatest ever, but right now it’s not so bad. Most of my clients are working hard and battling for every dollar. They are concerned about cash flow, growth, and finding that next customer.

But a small business owner’s biggest concern is people.

We all need good people and we’re all challenged to find them.

Depending on which report you read, the millennial generation — those between the ages of 18 and 34 — make up the largest portion of today’s workforce. Some studies are predicting that millennials will comprise over half of all workers within the next few years. Where do you find these people? Here are five online places you should consider.

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter brings together listings from numerous job sites into a combined database of over nine million openings. The service allows you to post your job to more than a hundred sites with just a click and then streamlines the updating process across all the job listings into one data entry form.

The service has advanced features for recruiting on social media sites, a great mobile application, and the ability to share resumes with others in your company for screening and evaluation.

There are also capabilities to link your job postings directly back to your website.

2. Indeed

Indeed has become widely popular over the past year or so, particularly with millennials, because of its simple yet powerful database and easy-to-navigate interface. Like ZipRecruiter, Indeed is also an aggregated database of job postings from across many different job listing websites and job boards.

Here you get all the features you would expect, even from a no-frills website, like powerful searching, email updates, and team collaboration functionality.

3. LinkedIn

We all know LinkedIn as the “professional” version of Facebook. And the reputation is deserved. I frequently use LinkedIn to research potential employees, customers, and partners so that I can see their backgrounds, education, and — most importantly — if I know any of the people they know. In the end, what is LinkedIn if not a giant database of…resumes?

The service offers many tools as part of its Recruiter service, the most important being access to its data pool of over 450 million members and the ability to send a limited number of emails directly to those members.

Here you can find people looking for jobs — or even reach out to those great candidates who may not even know they’re great candidates…yet!

4. Craigslist

OK, don’t laugh. Craigslist has been the butt of jokes for years and I’ll still attest that it’s a great place to find your next millennial employee. Craigslist is my personal favorite for finding people. Just last month, I posted an ad for a marketing associate and received more than 40 replies.

Sure, the interface is rudimentary and there are no real recruiting “tools.” But there’s no question that the site gets a LOT of traffic, particularly from millennials, and is a great place to get your job ad seen.

5. Monster

It’s still the grand-daddy of all job sites and one of the more popular places to go. Monster calls itself the largest resume database in the world and, even though I have no way to prove that claim, it wouldn’t surprise me. The site comes with very powerful job search agents that will alert you by email when someone posts a resume that meets your criteria.

There are also very powerful filtering options for finding that right candidate and an excellent resource center to guide you through your search. One downside I hear about Monster is that because it’s so popular employers sometimes fall victim to spam and advertising emails, so you might want to adjust your spam filters if you go there.

All of the above online services are excellent, particularly if you throw yourself in and become expert in the intricacies of using one of them. But don’t forget the number one place where people find great employees: your current employees. Ask them for references and don’t be afraid to consider their friends and family. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

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