Planning to start a business at home sweet home? If so, it’s good to note that where you live has a direct effect on just how sweet your home-based business experience is. Factors such as median home price, cost of energy, homeowner’s insurance rates, income taxes and median household income directly affect your bottom line.

If you’re planning on buying a home, the less you spend on your new digs, the more you can put into your business. If you already own a home, lower home prices mean lower property taxes and a lower monthly payment, which both equal more working capital for your business. Low or no income taxes also give you more money to spend on your endeavor. And when your customers pay less to the taxman and have a higher income, they’re more likely to spend money.

The following cities are particularly kind to home-based businesses.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Ranked as the best place to start a business in 2013 by NerdWallet and dubbed one of the the country’s most affordable cities by Forbes, Oklahoma City’s median home sales price is $141,500, while median household income is $45,704. Energy costs are some of the most affordable in the nation. Due to severe weather, homeowner’s insurance costs are high at an average of $1,428 per year, but income tax rates are only 5.25%.

Charlotte, North Carolina

There’s a lot to like about running a home-based business in Charlotte. Energy costs are some of the lowest on the east coast, and home prices are also affordable at $156,400. Chances are customers will have money for your services, as the median household income is $52,375. Income tax is 6 to 7.75%, and homeowner’s insurance premiums are around $895 annually.

Nashville, Tennessee

You might find yourself singing in Music City if you set up shop at home. Median home prices are a reasonable $169,400 and homeowner’s insurance is around $882 a year. The cost of electricity is low, income tax rates are reasonable at 6%, and the median income is $52,250.

Seattle, Washington

Ranked by Forbes as one of the best cities to start a business, no income tax is one of Seattle’s strongest selling points. Combine this with a $67,479 median income, and your customers should have some spending money. Energy prices are a little above the rest of the country, but the area’s mild climate helps offset that cost. The biggest drawback is the $475,900 median home price. Average homeowner’s insurance costs are affordable at about $645 a year.

San Antonio, Texas

Setting up a home-based business in San Antonio can be lucrative when you consider that there is no income tax and the median cost of a home is $174,900. Homeowner’s insurance does tend to be high, though, at $1,625 per year. Median income of $50,075 is about average for the nation. In addition to being an oil state, Texas produces green energy like wind power, so energy costs are low.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you want ocean views, this is the place to set up a home office. The median income is relatively high at $65,219, while the median home price is reasonable for a beach city at $244,300. Income tax is charged on a scale from 2 to 5.75%. Homeowner’s insurance is a little above average at approximately $805 per year, and energy costs are low average.

Working from the comfort of home and controlling your own schedule is a satisfying experience made even more enjoyable if you happen to live in one of these cities.

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