Business Management

25 Ways Smart Business Owners Use Google Everyday

Misty Young
Do you 'Google'? That’s a “duh” question, right? Did you know that besides "googling," Google provides an entire suite of free tools that enable smart businesses to locate and engage with customers and prospects? If they had to... Continue

10 Best Franchises for Small Business Owners

Julie Bawden-Davis
For the entrepreneur who wants tried-and-true guidance when opening a small business, a franchise offers the support necessary for success. A franchise gives you the opportunity to open a business with a proven business operation to be... Continue

4 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic Into Your Store

Kelly Spors
Customers. They’re the lifeblood of any retailer. You can have the most efficient operations, fantastic employees, and a beautiful storefront, but if you don’t have people in your store buying your merchandise, your business will... Continue

10 Worst Businesses to Start Right Now

Julie Bawden-Davis
Opening your own small business is an exhilarating undertaking made even more exciting if you’re successful. No matter how skilled a business person you are, venturing into stagnating or dwindling industries makes it more likely that... Continue

10 of the Best Apps for Small Businesses

Alexander Huls
We live in a Golden Age of apps. There’s no end of apps for our smartphones that can improve our lives, whether it’s keeping us entertained on the bus or improving our day-to-day health. There’s also no end of business apps that can... Continue

5 Smart Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back

Kelly Spors
Right now, many small-business owners are considering how they can give back to their communities or the causes near and dear to their hearts. But figuring out how to maximize your charitable dollars and make the biggest impact as a small... Continue

The 5 Best States to Start Your Small Business

Alexander Huls + Janet Berry-Johnson
Not all states are created equal when it comes to where to start a new small business. Some states, not surprisingly, are a better fit for budding entrepreneurs than others. Now you might think that "better" means "cheaper," or "lower... Continue