The current crisis is affecting people differently. Many of us are working to manage our mental health as we practice social distancing and deal with the uncertainty we face. Many small businesses had to permanently close their doors, while others who are still fighting hard to stay open are constantly faced with new challenges each day. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we talk openly about mental health and how a strong mindset is at the base of dealing with these unprecedented times and coming out of it stronger.

Talk to almost any successful business owner and ask them what they credit their success to – it is never how smart they are, how charming they are or how big their vision is. It is, instead, about how disciplined they are in their daily routines, how they have built up their tenacity and resilience to face challenges, and how fast they can get back on track when they inevitably get stuck.

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Before we get into practical tips and best practices to building a stronger mindset, let’s talk about getting unstuck for those of you who feel like things are just not quite right at the moment.

“Getting Unstuck” is a skill that you can learn to manage better the ups-downs-and-arounds of being a small business owner. Carissa Reiniger, founder and CEO of Small Business Silver Lining, walks you through the Four Stages of Stuck and explains in detail how to quickly identify when you are “Stuck,” and talks about the right actions to take to “Get Unstuck.”

If you would like to learn about other powerful ways of building and keeping a stronger mindset like meditation, nutrition and health, how to better connect with your body, and identify and explore ways to prevent burnout, Silver Lining has gathered experts in each of those topics and recorded talking sessions.

Now, let’s talk about practical ways to start building a stronger mindset today. Below are eight actions you can take and introduce in your routine right away to help you build, maintain and keep a strong mindset.

1. Do a Calendar Audit

To protect one of your most precious resources as a small business owner, you need to be able to say yes to the right things and no to the wrong ones. Go through your calendar and (truthfully!) analyze where your time is going. Cut out at least 20% of the non-priority items and restructure it for flow.

2. Add Movement to Life

Decide what type of movement works for you, update your calendar, build accountability, and start moving. It might sound like old news, but it is impossible to keep a strong mindset without adding some form of physical activity into your schedule to keep your body healthy.

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3. Post It

Psychology says that the more you see your goals and meditate/focus on them, the higher your chance of hitting them is. It is a fun and easy way to strengthen your mindset by putting your goals front and center to see them all over the place as you go about your daily routine.

4. Do a Power Hour

This one is simple! Block one hour into your calendar and watch inspiring content that will motivate you to be your best self! When we feel overwhelmed, tired, and need to re-energize ourselves, watching inspiring content can often get us back on track.

5. Start 10/10/10

Inspired by Warren Rustand, choose greatness by starting each day with 10 minutes of reading, 10 minutes of thinking, and 10 minutes of writing. It only takes 12 hours a month, costs zero dollars, and can change your life. The investment is so small in comparison to your reward.

6. Retreat & Treat

Very often, we think that if we work harder, we will get more done. But more often than not, if we take a step back and get strategic, we end up accomplishing more. Plan a one-day personal retreat where you turn off all electronics, go to a place you feel at peace, and spend the day reading, thinking and planning.

7. Start Meditating

Meditation won’t take away the challenges, worries, and world events, but it can help us manage our minds and how we react to these stressors. Maintaining a healthy mindset helps us stay clear on what we can and can’t control and can make a noticeable difference in how we approach each day. Start a simple meditation practice that will only take a few minutes each morning, helping you start your day in the right state of mind — calm.

8. Do Monthly “I Will” Days

So many of us suffer from the “Yes” syndrome. We want to help others as much as we can and, oftentimes, end up spreading ourselves thin by promising to do things we don’t have the time for and then feeling guilty for under-delivering. Schedule a monthly “I Will” Day into your calendar where you re-prioritize, delegate, or apologize, and then get back into action.

Let us know in the comments below which one you plan on implementing, and if you have practices you do that help you build and keep a strong mindset.

Since 2005, Small Business Silver Lining has been helping small business owners all over the world build more profitable and sustainable businesses. The Silver Lining Action Plan – SLAP™ – is a methodology that has helped over 10,000 small business owners in 14 countries set, and hit their growth goals. SLAP™ incorporates all of the behavior change science principles into one comprehensive small business growth program, helping small business owners develop the right habits and behaviors that result in long-term growth. Silver Lining was built by business owners for business owners on a collective mission to change the economy one small business at a time.

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