Small Biz Owner

Franchise Business Basics

Elizabeth Macauley
The amount of time, effort and money it takes to start a business can be overwhelming. That's why many budding entrepreneurs consider opening a franchise instead of creating a company from scratch. Small business owners with a franchise... Continue

Ask Gene: Small Business Owner Questions Answered

Gene Marks
Gene Marks is an author, columnist, keynote speaker and owner of the Marks Group. Through his writing and collaboration with The Hartford's Small Biz Ahead blog and podcast, Gene gives advice and resources to help business owners,... Continue

Business Technology for Small Business Owners

Belle Wong
If you're a small business owner looking to solve a business-related problem, the number of business technology solutions that are available may seem overwhelming. This can be especially true if you think of yourself as more of a... Continue

Resources to Help Your Business

Gene Marks and Elizabeth Macauley
Growing your business isn't easy, but there are plenty of resources, people and organizations that can help you. The key is finding the ones that make the most sense for you and your business. And once you make the right connection, you'll... Continue