What is Accounts Receivable?

Elizabeth Macauley
What is Accounts Receivable and Why Does it Matter to Your Business So, what is accounts receivable, and why does it matter to your small business? Accounts receivable is the balance of owed money when a business sells goods or services to... Continue

What Does the Net Present Value Tell You?

Eric Vo, Gene Marks
As a small business owner focused on success, you may reach a point where you're looking at acquiring new equipment or assets to help grow your company. But how do you know if investing in the equipment or asset is worth it and that you'll... Continue

How Much Money Can You Make with Uber?

Elizabeth Macauley
As you search for jobs, you may find yourself trying to determine what skill set you have that will make you money fast. If this is you, then look no further. The driving skills that you've perfected since your teen years can be used to... Continue