Should You Go Into Debt As a Small Business Owner?

Gene Marks
I usually don't like to talk to people on planes, but for some reason I was drawn into a conversation recently with an older man sitting next to me on a flight to Florida. What he told me made me think. His name is Charles and he's the... Continue

The 5 Best Ways to Handle a Late-Paying Client

Alexander Huls
A small business's cash flow is, not surprisingly, dependent on cash. That's why late-paying clients can be an incredibly frustrating challenge for a small business owner. It not only ties up money you need to pay your own bills — trying... Continue

Are You Still Accepting Cash at Your Business?

Gene Marks
If you want a taco at the 13-location Mexican food chain Dos Toros in New York City, you better bring your credit card. The same goes for the Dig Inn — a chain of locally farm sourced restaurants. And for salad eatery Sweetgreen,... Continue