Managing Employees

5 Ways the Badge of Busy Is Hurting Your Business

Felicia Sullivan
Chances are, you're probably too busy to read this article. Perhaps you're riding a five-cup coffee bender, because who doesn't chug caffeine in order to survive the workday? Or you may have cancelled plans with friends or loved ones... Continue

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Employee Handbook

Felicia Sullivan, Kelly Spors
So, you've just crossed the finish line in the hiring process and now you're ready to welcome your new employee into your small business. There are critical steps you need to take both to onboard and retain employees. A key link between... Continue

5 Things You Never Want Employees Saying About You

Alexander Huls
As a small business owner, you need to accept that your employees are going to talk about you — whether it's to colleagues in the break room, loved ones at home, or friends over coffee. What employees say about you when you're not... Continue

How to Deal With Employees Going Through a Crisis

Felicia Sullivan
In an ideal world, your employees are never sick, sad, or stressed. They report to work every morning, and are forever happy and smiling. However, we live in reality, where even your star talent will experience occasional periods of... Continue