Managing Employees

Looking for Your Next Big Idea? Take a Walk

Felicia Sullivan
We've heard the news and read the headlines: Sitting is the new smoking. The chained-to-a-laptop lifestyle is all too familiar to small business owners: You arrive in the office with your morning coffee and later, when you finally look... Continue

How to Recruit and Retain Employees

Kelly Spors, Tim Beyers
A small business may seem at a disadvantage at first compared with larger companies when it comes to hiring employees. Big companies, after all, have significant resources, not to mention name recognition, to lure and keep the best... Continue

New Employee Orientation Checklist

Allie Johnson, Stephen Robert Morse
Your new employee orientation checklist should have the proper paperwork needed for the employee to start working. This includes Federal and State Income Tax Withholding Documents, Federal Employment Eligibility Documents and an employee... Continue

Setting Compensation for Newly Hired Employees

Felicia Sullivan, Anne Shaw
For a small business owner, every new employee hire is a critical investment. After considering all your options, including virtual assistants and freelancers, you've decided you need to hire a new employee. Your next step is to determine... Continue

Interviewing Process and Tips

Allie Johnson
A job interview is a commitment of time and energy for you and for the job hunter, but planning ahead can make the process a snap. Why is it so important to plan the job interview process when hiring new employees for your small business?... Continue