Managing Employees

6 Tips to Asking Better Interview Questions

Catrinel Bartolomeu
Make no mistake: Of the two parties involved in a job interview, being the person doing the hiring has a lot to recommend it. You don't have to iron your clothes the night before. You can breeze in 20 minutes late with an offhand “sorry... Continue

Are Your Employees Fudging Their Sick Days?

by Gene Marks
Recently, HR firm CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,200 human resource professionals and nearly 3,700 employees about their companies' employment practices. And, if you're an employer, then brace yourself. Or maybe you already know what... Continue

Can Profit Sharing Motivate Your Employees?

Stephen Robert Morse
In 2015, Apple, the hardware giant, made a major change that affected thousands of its employees: For the first time, in addition to the company’s engineers and corporate employees being eligible for stock grants, all employees,... Continue

9 Ways to Demotivate Your Employees

Stephen Robert Morse
Have you ever had a boss who made you want to scream every time you looked at him or her? It's more common than you think, because many bosses are poor managers. A Gallup poll reported that some 50% of American workers have voluntarily... Continue