Are you ready to join the “brick and click” movement? For many years, the primary question among retail businesses has been whether to open a physical storefront or market themselves as a strictly online brand. Recently, however, it has become increasingly evident that small businesses need to offer both in-store and web based services if they hope to thrive in today’s competitive market. In episode # 139, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin discuss the advantages of expanding your small business into a “brick and click.”

Executive Summary

1:04—The term “Brick and Click” refers to businesses that have a traditional physical storefront as well as an online presence. Covering both of these allows smaller businesses to compete against larger corporations.

3:20— In order to successfully hold their ground against big box stores, a small business needs to make sure that its online service is as exceptional as the service that they provide in their online stores. If they are able to deliver this level of customer care, they can significantly expand their client base.

4:40—Because we live in an era of online shopping, retail businesses need to have a web based store front if they want to grow and thrive.

5:08—Similarly, online stores can benefit from opening brick and mortar storefront because it enables them to reach a new target audience.

5:13—Offering an online service in addition to your physical storefront can strengthen your brand’s relationship with its existing client because it provides them with an additional level of convenience.

9:48—Gene encourages small business owners to verify with their accountants to see whether they qualify for the new “pass-through” deduction.

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