Working Too Much and Running a Business as a Parent

Mike Kelly and Elizabeth Larkin
As a small business owner, how do you balance your family life with your work life? You might have started your business to have control over your time, but you may find the reality of running a business is that you're working too much.... Continue

Employee Theft and Work Schedules

Mike Kelly and Elizabeth Larkin
As a small business owner, should you turn your back on an employee who is stealing office supplies? How do you address it? Join hosts Elizabeth Larkin and Gene Marks as they discuss this hot topic, and how to manage your own work hours... Continue

Latest and Greatest Small Business Technology: Vol. 1

Michael Kelly and Elizabeth Larkin
Are you a small business owner who's buried in your work and just doesn't have time to research the latest and great apps and technology to use at your small business? No worries. Join hosts Elizabeth Larkin and Gene Marks as... Continue

How to Confront Employee Theft and Selling Your Business

Mike Kelly and Elizabeth Larkin
Should you confront an employee who you suspect is stealing from you if you don't have any evidence? And what should you do if you are ready to retire and your kids don't want to take over your business? Listen now to hosts Elizabeth... Continue