Every small business owner is bound to experience moments when they’re tired of their work. However, in some cases, those feelings of exhaustion or disinterest might be more than just fatigue; they could be symptoms of burnout. So, what can you do to take care of yourself during this stressful time? In episode #141, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin share their most effective strategies for recovering from burn out so that you can get back to running your small business.

Executive Summary

1:07—Today’s Topic: How Do I Bounce Back from Burnout?

1:16—There are a variety of ways to cope with burnout. These include taking time to invest in yourself; rekindling your initial passion for your job; and delegating more of your responsibilities.

2:17—You have to accept the fact that challenges are a part of your life as a small business owner.

3:01—Find ways to “change your state.” Engaging yourself in some type of distraction can help take your mind off of your business.

5:49—You should also consider expanding your business in a new direction, just to break out of your usual routine.

7:15—It can also help to take a vacation. The time off can give you a better perspective on both you professional and personal life.

9:30—Gene advocates using the American Chemistry Council’s chemical barometer to assess the current economic trends.

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