Business Management

How to Avoid the Lawsuit That Could End Your Business

Kathy SImpson
Businesses are increasingly the targets of lawsuits, even when innocent of any wrongdoing. If you provide professional services or expert advice, your business may face a unique liability risk. Make sure you’re protected. Two and a half... Continue

How to Create a Safe (& Comfortable) Workplace

Kathy Simpson
When it comes to workplace injuries, we often think of dangerous occupations like construction. But even office workers are at risk. Cut your potential losses with ergonomics. The workplace can be a dangerous place. Employees can get... Continue

How to Recover From a Bad Online Review

Melinda Emerson, the Small Biz Lady
Online review platforms are a boon for your business…except when they’re not. One negative review on a site like Yelp can have a tremendous impact on the traffic that comes (or doesn’t) through your door. Everyone knows that a single... Continue

10 Tips to Prevent Data Theft for Your Small Business

Kathy Simpson
All businesses face the risk of data breach, but recent studies indicate that small businesses are particularly susceptible. According to research done in 2019, 43% of online cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. Proving that small... Continue

25 Strategic Time Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Melinda Emerson and Elizabeth Larkin
What small business owner wouldn’t kill for an extra set of hands or more time? And yet for the 4 million small businesses that employ between one and four people, hiring help isn’t always an option. Here are five tips and the 25... Continue