How to Reduce Employee Stress Around the Holidays

How to Reduce Employee Stress Around the Holidays

Kelly Spors

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of comfort and joy. Yet, for many people it can also be a time of great stress. Employees have to juggle their professional duties with personal demands, such as shopping for gifts, hosting and attending holiday parties, cleaning and cooking.

Moreover, some workers may feel financially or emotionally drained this time of year. Business owners and managers can take steps to relieve their employees’ stress levels around the holiday season and make their lives a little merrier:

Be Flexible About Scheduling

Offering flexible scheduling or extra personal time in the days leading up to Thanksgiving or Christmas may be the best gift you can give your employees. This will allow them extra time to run errands, shop, spend time with family or simply unwind during the hectic holiday season.

Hire Temporary Staff, If You Need Extra Help

Hiring a few extra workers can relieve your full-time staff and prevent them from needing to work overtime around the holidays.

Don’t Overdo Employee Holiday Events

Even though it’s a festive time of year, office holiday parties and other employee events around the holiday season only place an extra burden on your staff. Consider keeping work-related events to a minimum around the holidays, if possible. Perhaps host just one party or employee event over the holiday season.

Praise Your Staff

Your employees may need some extra encouragement and compliments around the holidays. Tell employees directly that they’re doing good work or give them cards with messages that show gratitude. Whatever you do, avoid making the holidays extra stressful by complaining too much or pressuring your employees.

Be Sensitive to Cultural and Religious Differences

Remember that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas—and you don’t want to ostracize employees who don’t. Make sure all employees will feel welcome at any events you throw around the holidays.

Be on the Lookout for Over-Stressed Employees—and Lend a Hand

For some people, the holidays may not be joyous at all. Keep an eye out for an employee who might see especially distracted or distraught around the holidays and offer to listen and help out any way you can, recommends Rich Bayer, CEO of Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services in Elkton, Maryland. Sometimes holiday stress or sadness can be caused by personal issues or problems at home. “For instance, the first holiday after the death of a loved one can be particularly sad,” Bayer writes. “Most likely, this is a ‘situational sadness,’ and the employee should rebound when the holiday is over.”

Keep the Workplace Fun

Even though the holiday season can be a hectic time for some businesses—especially those in retail or the hospitality industry—it’s good to bolster employees’ spirits by maintaining a fun, lighthearted mood in the workplace. Writes, a job site for the hospitality industry: “Small gestures like seasonal treats, holiday-themed contests and games, and special prizes can help defuse some of the tension that your super-busy staff is likely to be shouldering.”

Tell Us: What do you do to help your employees out during the holidays? 

2 Responses to "How to Reduce Employee Stress Around the Holidays"
    • Sandra | December 5, 2017 at 11:44 am

      My business does all of the above. Plus, small children’s gifts (like new coloring/work/game book, music gift card), a gift card at local-grocery for family, and offer to match gift donation to their favorite charity upto a certain amount).

    • Robin Stock | December 5, 2017 at 10:12 am

      Throughout the year I let my employees know they are doing a good job (even if it is not at their best), I offer occasional paid days off as I am a small business owner and do not offer benefits. I take out for a .30 minute lunch so once every couple of months their two week pay includes paid lunch time, I give stockings with their favorite things and some cash:) I also include items for their children or spouse or both in their stockings. Each Birthday is celebrated by the whole crew going out for lunch on the boss. Believe it or not, they LOVE when I pay for lunch. Sometimes I will go to work ahead of my employees and do a lot of the work for them so it is not so stressful when they get to the job site. So I do this throughout the year which makes for happy employees, happy customers, happy happy that is the goal.

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