Are You Ready To Sell Online This Holiday Season?

Gene Marks
I recently spoke to about a dozen small business retail clients of mine about what they were doing to prepare for the upcoming holiday season and, unlike in past years, there was a predominant theme to the conversations. That theme was... Continue

Don’t Write A Press Release. Do This Instead.

Gene Marks
The press release is not over-hyped. It's not unimportant. It's still very relevant. However, the year is 2020, and the press release that your parents wrote has, well, expired. Back in the day, companies would issue press releases for... Continue

Marketing Consultants: What Not to Expect

Gene Marks
Thinking of hiring a marketing consultant for your company? Over the past 20 years, I've worked with countless ones, with varying degrees of success. Make no mistake—there are many great marketing people out there for... Continue