9 PowerPoint Tips from a Small Business Owner

Gene Marks
When it comes to designing a great slide presentation, be forewarned: I have little creative or artistic ability. I have poor depth perception. I have no vision. I am not an artist. But I've used PowerPoint (and there are many excellent... Continue

Should You Let People “Pick Your Brain”?

Gene Marks
“Would you mind if I picked your brain?” You get this question, I’m sure. You’re an attorney. Or an accountant. Or a doctor. You’re a senior manager or a business owner. You have experience. You have knowledge. And now someone... Continue

3 Ways to Screw Up a Business Presentation

Gene Marks
You want to really screw up a presentation? No worries, I can help. That’s because I’ve screwed up plenty. It doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking to a small group of executives, a prospective customer or a large... Continue